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Make affirmations not resolutions this New Year

Teach your customers that a resolution is better when backed up by an Affirmation

Affirmation Candles 15% off sets
Case of 16 Affirmation candle - your choice, $74.75
Affirmation Restocking set - 3 of each of the whole line, $210.50

We approach the New Year reflecting on what changes we’d like to make in our lives. The temptation to set grandiose resolutions is inevitable. Promises easily made are easily broken. An affirmation on the other hand slowly works its way into your lifestyle and help you make lasting changes. Make your resolution more powerful with a candle from our Affirmation line. Here’s a few example of how positive affirmations can turn things around and keep them there.

Inner Beauty - When you feel beautiful on the inside, the outside will match.

Success - Every failure is a lesson in success, every success is a collection of wisdom.

Love - When love is your affirmation the things that block or distract from that positive energy becomes apparent and easy to let go of. People who resonate with love become closer to each other and expand upon this magic.

Prosperity - When you recognize and express gratitude for what you have, it multiplies.

Intuition - You are always connected to the divine. Affirm that you are in tune with your highest good and your inner voice becomes clearer and louder.

We have the perfect Affirmation for you to start the 2017 year.

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SCCC Cord cutting 470sq

Spell Caster Club - Cord Cutting Spell


Feeling tired and don’t know why? It’s possible you’re being psychically hooked and drained by someone. Most of the time they don’t realize they are doing it. This spell will clear the hooks and drains off you and cut those cords.

Cord Cutting Spell - Getting rid of hooks and drains of others

You will need:
Motor City Hoo Doo candles, Spiritual Cleansing and Gossip Stop, Wicked Witch Mojo oil Tornado Alley, a pair of scissors, yarn or string.

Run the Spiritual Cleansing candle through your aura to pick up any hooks, drains or cords that are tethered to you. Place this candle to the left of your altar. Scribe the names of the people hooked to you on the Gossip Stop candle. If you don’t know their names, scribe the feelings it is causing in you. Place this candle to the right of your altar.

Tie 7 strands of string or yarn onto both candles so they connect the candles. Anoint the string and the scissors with the Tornado Alley oil. Light the candles.

Visualize all the cords that are tethered to you. Talk about them aloud, name them, and name who you think they are from. Declare that you are no longer connected to them and cut the strings off of the Spiritual Cleansing candle, Declare how your life will change and how you will do things differently. Now cut all the string off of the Gossip Stop candle and cut it into bits. Take the string and the Gossip Stop candle outside and bury them. Let the Spiritual Cleansing candle burn until it is consumed (you can re-light as necessary.)

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 AFF HB  Peace 2017 Diversity

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