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Blessed Herbal Candle Sale!

July is officially our happy dance month for two very important reasons. First, July is Patty’s birthday month. Wish her a happy birthday, she loves that. Second, the Herbal Candles and oils are on Sale. Our customers love this sale because our Blessed Herbal candle are called the rent makers. If you haven’t heard this story, it’s a good one. In the early years we had customers call and say they were selling the candles right out of the box. They couldn’t even get them tagged and on the shelf. Others would call and know when their box from Coventry arrived, the rent would be paid. Both stories are the reason we have this sale every summer. We want you to have fun and pay the rent. For some of you this is a busy time of year, for others, it’s the dog days of summer.
We have one more reason to celebrate. We added eight more oils to the Blessed Herbal Oil line. They are; Ancestor, Inner Balance, Happy Home, Needed Changes, Problem Solving, Prosperity, Stability and Truth & Justice. We know your customers will be very happy to see these on your shelf.

Blessed Herbal candle Restocking Set 15% off
3 each of 18 (54 candles), reg. - $337.50, sale price - $287.00
Blessed Herbal candle mixed cases 15% off
25 candles, your choice, reg. - $156.25, sale price $133.25
Blessed Herbal Oil restocking set 15% off
3 each of 16 (48 bottles), reg. - $192, sale price - $163
Blessed Herbal Oil mixed case 15% off
12 bottles, your choice, reg. - $48, sale price - $41

NEW! Witches Union Money Magic patch

Featured this month is the Money Magic Witches Union patch. This patch is the first in our next series of Witches Union patches. By December there will be a total of 12 patches in this line. All adorable and all very witchy. Let’s face it, we all do things to ensure there is more than enough money in our life. Sometimes we’re successful, sometime we are holding our breath until the end of the month to see if we’re going to balance the books. Hopefully all our actions are legal and with no strings attached. This struggle is the main motivation behind creating the Money Magic patch. We hope to help people take charge of their finances with powerful intentions filled with love and acceptance that they deserve to be happy and prosperous. Let our Witches Union patches be the opportunity you take to help your customers become more empowered. The gift will be returned threefold.

Order online or call us 800-810-3837 with your questions and order. For more news about upcoming specials visit our wholesale website, coventrywholesale.com 

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Money Magic Spell


Here it is, the spell that makes true believers out of prophets of doom. When you help people take control of their financial picture in a real and meaningful and repeatable way, you become a hero, a sage, a mystic. You are welcome. Turn your customers on to the Money from Nuthin’ spell and watch their faces light up with understanding and confidence. As we all know, a happy customer is a loyal customer, so make them happy and get happy yourself. Enjoy this fun and effective spell from Jacki. We hope you do it for yourself too. Do it to prove to yourself that you deserve wealth, do it to prove to yourself that you are magical. Heck, do it as a scientific experiment. We don’t care - just do it.

Coventry products you’ll need: Money Draw Blessed Herbal candle, Prosperity Blessed Herbal candle, Stability Blessed Herbal oil
Other items you’ll need: Witches Union patch Money Magic, paper, pencil, dollar bill from your wallet, Hematite stone, Citrine crystal.

The Spell
Your past efforts already laid the foundation for financial gain. Use the paper and pencil to
write down all the things you have done that did not reap the reward you desired. You may
not have gotten the financial reward you wished, but there is still unused energy from these efforts.
Take your time and write down every financial idea and attempt to increase your income; from your
childhood snow shoveling scheme to the last job interview you went on. Place this list under the
Money Draw candle holder.
Anoint the Money Draw and Prosperity candles with the Stability oil. Anoint your feet and all the
money you have in your wallet. Place the candles in their holders and light. Using a fresh piece of
paper, write down your list of needs that this money will take care of. Upon completing the list, fold
that paper towards you 3 times. Dip it in the wax of the Money Draw candle to pull the energy from
the past into filling the needs of your present.
Place the Money Magic patch, Hematite and Citrine next to the prosperity candle while it burns.
When you go out into the world, extinguish the candle and carry the paper dipped in Money Draw
wax, the stones and the patch with your paper money. Give that dollar bill away to the first beggar or
request for donation you see. Pay attention to your list and watch as the things you need are taken care with or without cash. Wear the oil and burn the candles every day. Sew the patch on to show your mastery of money magic.

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Visit our website to browse the Blessed Herbal candles and more and make sure to check out our new Witches Union swag. This line
of fun products celebrates the powerful witch in you and your part in our community.


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