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Wholesale Feature 15 off

15% off World Magic Candles and Oils restocking sets and mixed cases

Our March wholesale special brings to you 15% off World Magic candles and oils Restocking Sets and Mixed Cases. The Restocking set is your easy button. You’ll get 3 of each world magic product with one click. Our mixed cases give you’re the freedom to get 12 of whatever you need. Candles and oils sold in separate cases. You want 12 Ganesha candles and 12 Sacred White Sage oils – they are yours with 1 mixed case of Ganesha candles and one mixed case of Sacred White Sage oil bottles. Please tell us your selection in the comments on the website.

Ganesha, Lakshmi, Sacred White Sage, Sweet Grass World Magic Candles & Oils
Restocking set - 12 World Magic Candles, 3 each
reg. price $117.00, sale price $99.50
Restocking set - 12 World Magic oils, 3 each
reg. price $48.00, sale price $40.50
Mixed case of 12 World Magic Candles, your choice
reg. price $117.00, sale price $99.50
Mixed case of 12 World Magic oils, your choice
reg. price $48.00, sale price $40.50

Join our Witches union and stock up on all witches union swag. This month we are featuring the Protection Invocation patch. It comes with an invocation for protection and a very cool patch with a crow on it. Read all our articles and blogs about what protection means to a magic maker in the Coventry Witches Union. Be sure to order your Spell Caser Club membership kit. Comes with spell cards, membership cards and a 2 pocket display. We will send you a new spell card every month. It’s fun and adorable.

Witches Union Protection Invocation patch $3 each
Witches Union Protection Invocation patch is a symbol of a powerful magic wielder. A witch who is adept at protection knows how to strike fast and strike hard. There is no room for fluff in protection magic and there is no room for doubt. Don’t start none, won’t be none...but I got some if you try.
Spell: Holding your patch in both outstretched hands, face each cardinal direction and call to the guardians who will protect you and yours. Hold your hands high and ask for divine protection. Touch your hands to the Earth and ask that you are held safe upon her. Anoint the patch with protection oil and repeat the saying upon the patch. “With the wrath of the dark Goddess, I protect me and mine from all harm.
Look to each corner of the world for inspiration

The world is our oyster and gladly provides beautiful ways to keep life joyful, and safe with enough for everyone. Treat her with respect and love and she will continue to be generous with us. Our World Magic line of candles pull in magic from the four corners of the world to teach us how to love one another, be grateful for what we have and know where it all comes from. Show your customers these gorgeous altar candles and anointing oils. They are for creating sacred space at home and enhancing the culture of their life.
For more news about this month’s special and upcoming specials visit our wholesale website, Type 40 Sales.com

Spell Caster club card for protection magic

Spell Caster Club – Protection from self-sabotage


Have your customers been buying you out of protection tools lately? Have you noticed they keep feeling attacked or their “bad luck” is constantly sourced in something around them? Perhaps you feel the same way. Are you tempted to blame the low sales day, week or month on something happening outside your control, like the weather, the economy or even the government?
It’s always our mission to create products that inspire people to think outside the box and empower themselves. Our March Spell Caster Club card to the rescue for those refusing to look within for the source of their pain. We believe healing our self-sabotaging ways is just the protection we’ve been looking for.

Oh Lordy, save me from myself - Protection from self-sabotage spell

The Coventry Products you will need are, Happy Home Blessed Herbal candle, Lakshmi World Magic candle, Protection Blessed Herbal oil, Witches Union protection invocation patch.
Other materials you’ll need, 1 Quartz point, 1 obsidian stone, 1 Amethyst stone, 1 potted plant in a 12” pot.
The spell. Light the Happy Home and Lakshmi candle and place them (in their candle holder) on either side of the potted plant. Anoint the obsidian and quartz with protection oil. Sit facing the plant and candles and hold the quartz and obsidian in your hands. Start verbalizing all the things going wrong in your life and things you may have sabotaged.
Verbalize the decisions you have made. Keep going until you feel you have released enough to stop the cycle of negative energy for the moment. Push the quartz, point down, into the plant dirt as far as it will go. Visualize its energy reaching to the core of the earth. Push the obsidian into the dirt, right on top of the quartz point.
Know that your struggles, bad luck and self-sabotage will continue to drain out of you, into the stones. The earth will transform this into positive energy. Place the amethyst on top of the dirt, above where you planted the other stones. This invited divine energy into you. Soothing and transforming your personal energy. Verbalize your transformational goals to the candles, stones and plant. Let the candles burn for a few hours.
Relight the candles every day for at least 3 hours and verbalize the progress you have made. Take good care of the plant. It if starts to wither, take the plant out to nature and return it and the stones back to the earth. Seal the deal with a Witches Union protection invocation patch. Do the ritual on the card and wear that patch to keep you protected.

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of fun products celebrates the powerful witch in you and your part in our community.

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