I have the best job here at Coventry Creations. I get to work with all the wonderful stores! We get product to you, solve problems together and I get to hear about the wonderful things our stores are doing. It's so hard today to make it in a world for of walmarts so working together with other small businesses is such an honor. I will keep everyone as up to date as possible and also share some gossip about the goings on in the factory!
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Patty Shaw is the Vice Pres and candle goddess of Coventry Creations. She is also a healer, award winning author and teacher.
Her certifications in Reiki Mastery, Spiritual Counseling and Transformational yoga keep her busy after the candles are done. Patty organized Ferndales Reiki Share and Dharma Room Reiki Clinic. Patty gives Akashic record healings and advanced reiki healings as a way to do her part to uplift people (and herself too).