Away With You! - Ending relationships that have run their course.

July SCCWhen a relationship has reached it’s end, we have to remember that isn’t necessarily a time of sadness, but a time of encourage, change and improvement. It’s a time for both you and the other person to head in the direction of your interests.

It’s time to change your lives for the better.

July’s Witches Union Spell Caster Card has the spell to encourage and assist in this time of change, while finding what is best for everybody involved. If the foundation of a relationship has become too fragile, then it’s time to build a new foundation for you, and help them find their footing in the process.

Transition Troubles - Navigating the chaos of change

Gather up:

Blessed Herbal Candles
           Inner Balance
           Needed Change
          Blessed Herbal Happiness Oil

Other Supplies
          Large piece of paper
          Permanent Marker

Carve your name into the Inner Balance candle and anoint with Happiness oil. Carve the name of the person(s) you want to remove from your life into the Needed Change candle. On the Attraction candle, carve the name(s) you want removed from your life and the phrase, “Your life would be better here.” Anoint the Attraction candle with the Happiness oil.

Lay out the large piece of paper with the Inner balance candle on the left and the Attraction candle on the right. Place the Needed Change next to the Inner Balance. Draw arrows from left to right and write the phrase, “Move onto something more interesting to you.”

Light all the candles from left to right while saying out loud, “Time to move on.” Move the Needed Change candle toward the Attraction candle. Let the candles burn for 3 hours. Repeat this every day for 3 days then wrap up the Needed Change and Attraction candles with the paper and take them to a garbage a good distance away from your house. Keep relighting the Inner Balance candle daily until it is finished.

Now – Go make some magic!

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New moon in Leo on July 23, 2017
Good boundaries begin with you


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