From New Age to Conscious Living

Wh Blog June From New AgeRecently I attended a lecture given by Deepak Chopra. He talked about the different scientific theories and how they affected the happenings of the day. As the perception of something comes into our consciousness or reality, it sets up potential for it to exist in this physical world.

For thousands of years we used essentials oils and resins for rituals. During the 19th and 20th centuries, high quality synthetic fragrant blends were developed that could exhibit the same frequency as their corresponding organic oils. They are more cost effective and cause less hallucinogenic effects.

In 1992 Coventry Creations added new innovation to the making of spiritual candles. They anointed the wax with oils and herbs during the pouring step instead of adding them after the candles were poured. This was an old Pagan method with a new twist.

These candles became an asset for all pagan and new age rituals. All one had to do was declare an intention and light the candle. These candles were usually sold in spiritual stores, New Age, Metaphysical, Spiritual Supplies etc. Up until that time these candles were burnt at specific times and/ or used for rituals.

Products for customers who live their consciousness

Today people try to set up their environment to be a continuous ritual. Today most people are not solely buying items for just their spiritual value. They like things to be coordinated and in some way related to other things in their lives. I call this living in a conscious way.

Let me give you an example. A customer comes into your store looking for items that can be used in decorating her bedroom. She has chosen lavender and white for her color scheme. She has a stressful job and is looking to making her bedroom into a restful sanctuary.

We have two candles from our Blessed Herbal Line that would fit beautifully with this décor, Our Heart candle and our Spiritual Cleansing candle. The Heart candle, a wonderful blend of lavender and ylang ylang that can be emotionally calming, has a beautiful lavender color.

In addition the Spiritual Cleansing candle can also be a great candle to support this setting. It is another relaxation candle that contains a delicate balance of lemongrass, sage and cypress scents and the white color help purify the energy.

She might also like to add a bottle Calming Blessed Herbal oil and a dash of Happiness Blessed Herbal oil to the paint for her newly decorated room. This will also assist in creating the environment she is building. Magic is something you can consciously live in all your actions.

Speaking of action! Snap, crackle and sizzle, the Firecracker Candle is back and will be the blockbuster you are looking for. Bonus! It’s decorated with a cheeky Coventry Dragon charm. Stock up this festive Coventry candle to declare your independence over what stops you from being a blockbuster store.

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New moon in Cancer on June 24, 2017
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Wednesday, 23 August 2017
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