Stocking up on the rent makers.

July FeatureFor 25 years Coventry has set the standard that others follow. In preparation for our 25th anniversary, Coventry continues its annual 15% off Blessed Herbal Candle special.

Blessed Herbal Candle

Mixed Case Packs 15% off

Use Coupon code JLY17

25 candles per case

The Blessed Herbal candles can be called the “rent makers” because they tell us that a full inventory of Coventry’s #1 product line is a sure sign that their customers will always have something to buy when they visit their store. We are continually humbled by these stories of success from our retailers and our end users. So many have come our way over the years and it is these stories that keep us going, striving for better and always improving our processes and magic to create the best magical candle available!

When you pass on this savings to your customers you can help them stock up their magical cupboard. Start with a combination of these 5 “Must Haves” for every practitioner.

1 – Prosperity – Money is the most common request and this candle has been a bestseller for 25 years. Not only does it help with your financial woes, but add it to any spell to multiply its abundance.

2 – Healing – So often the magic we need is not immediately apparent. In my book Coventry Magic I talk about how magic and healing are the same energy. Step into the energy of healing and you may find that is the only magic you need to get to your goal.

3 – Stability – This candle is a must have to ground your magic into your life and manifest it in a place of sustainable stability. This is also the perfect energy to call upon when things get chaotic in life. It is a gentle settling energy that brings a bit or order to the crazy.

4 – Spiritual Cleansing – When the struggle gets a little deep you need to clear out what it weighing you down and bringing you grief. Just like a good cleaning in your home, your energy can use a good cleaning from all the gunk you drag it through on a daily basis.

5 – Happiness – Anything created from a place of happiness is a blessing to your life. The Happiness candle tunes you into the magic of joy and gratitude. Even in the midst of great stress, the Happiness candle can break through and change the game.

Go to and fill your cart with the Blessed Herbal candles you need. Make sure you use the JLY17 coupon code to get the 15% off special.

This case pack special only comes around 1 time a year so stock your own magical cupboard and get ready to sell, sell, sell! Click here for the case pack special.

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