A powerful spell for the most powerful moon phase!

August SCCThe Full Moon is one of, if not the best time to do magic. When the moon is in this phase, we are at our most creative and innovative, and things you are passionate about are bubbling to the surface. Use the energy of the Full Moon to turn your desires into your reality.

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The stories behind why we chose to expand the oils that we did!

The stories behind why we chose to expand the oils that we did!

Oil expansion for July

Another exciting thing happening in July is our oil expansion!  Starting July 1st, we will be expanding the oil lines. Blessed Herbal oils will now have Energy and Calming.  There will be Crown of Glory to the Motor City Hoodoo Oils. We also are happy to announce that we are adding the World line as oils.


Crown of Glory is one of our favorites and we are excited to bring it back! When taking the LSAT last summer I dropped a bit on my wrists to give me that extra energetic bump in confidence I needed to get me through that intense moment. Crown of Glory is great for moments like that, and now with the oil, you can carry it with you for all occasions!


Calming oil is actually the Inner Balance recipe for those looking to match it up to a Blessed Herbal candle.  I always pushed for this candle to be made an oil because frankly, I needed to help focus and calm myself from time to time.  Life in a small family business can be stressful and having that extra help of calming and letting me know what to prioritize and when to let things go. 


Energy oil was added to the Blessed Herbal oils based on surveys we took from our customers last year.  When asked what people wanted more of in their life we got over and over again that people wanted more energy to fulfill the goals and standards they have set for themselves.  This was a universal need no matter what the package.  More energy to be a better mom, more energy to expand a business, more energy to be able to attempt work-life balance, more energy to take dogs on walks.  This conversation inspired our special edition power brokers line but also led us to the decision to put energy in a bottle to help people to keep doing the amazing things they are doing. 


World Magic Oils is another customer request, but this time out wholesale customers!  We were getting many request for our World Magic line in oil form.  In particular for the Sacred White Sage oil. (which is always a best seller in any form) We decided to bring the whole line into oils. I was blown away how beautiful the oils were with the bright eye catching labels.  Our customers in out downtown shop Candle Wick Shop seemed to agree, they have been flying off the shelves!


Blessed Herbal Oils

Motor City Hoodoo Oils

Wicked Witch Mojo Oils

World Magic Oils

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Hoo Doo How to: Coffin Nails

Hoo Doo How to: Coffin Nails


While coffin nails used to be plentiful and easy to come by, such is not the case anymore.  Of course, there are still many occult supply stores that offer them for sale, but the problem with obtaining those is clear:  There’s no way to know whether the nails you’ve bought are truly the real thing, or just regular nails that can be purchased at half the cost from any local hardware store.  This problem can be avoided, however, if you simply make your own.  And all it takes is a package of nails, some graveyard dirt, a zippered plastic bag, and the instructions below.


  • Count out the number of nails you’ll need for the spell in question and charge them with your desire.

  • Place the nails in the plastic bag and sprinkle them well with graveyard dirt appropriate to your desire.  [A few tablespoons will do it.]

  • If the spell calls for rusty nails, sprinkle well with water.

  • Seal the bag, allow the nails to rest in the dirt overnight, and they’ll be ready for use the next day.  [NOTE:  Do not wipe the nails clean before use.]

* * *

While we’re on the subject of nails, you should probably know that those gathered them from particular sites can definitely add power to your magic.  For your convenience, a few collection sites along with their uses follow below:

  • Court House: To bring justice or to cause the target to lose his or her legal battle

  • Hospital:  To cause illness

  • Jail:  To bring jail or prison time

  • Mental Institution:  To cause insanity

  • Police Station:  To bring about an arrest

  • Workplace:  To cause trouble for a co-worker or employer


[Used by permission and excerpted from Utterly Wicked by Dorothy Morrison; published 2007 by WillowTree Press, St. Louis, MO]

by Dorothy Morrison. Well known author of books as the author of Lucinda's Web, Everyday Magic, The Craft, Utterly Wicked and many other books. A native Texan, she is  a Third Degree Wiccan High Priestess of the Georgian Tradition, founded the Coven of the Crystal Garden in 1986, and spent many years teaching the Craft to students in eight states and in Australia. Dorothy currently ensconced in studies of the RavenMyst Circle Tradition, and enjoys membership in the Coven of the Raven.

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Getting Back to Basics the Hoo Doo Way

Getting Back to Basics the Hoo Doo Way

Getting Back to Basics the Hoo Doo Way

by Patty Shaw


As you may have caught on, we’re going Hoo Doo this month.  For many, this will remind us of our roots.  Not just our ancestral roots, but actual roots.  Hoo Doo Magic is root work and with it we tap into the magical properties of what grows in the earth all around us.  Hoo Doo magic uses roots to help us understand the root cause of our problems and situations.   Did I say the word root enough?  I hope so.


I’d like to mention that you don’t have to be initiated in root work, Hoo Doo or any other religion or magical practice to benefit from working with the spiritual nature of plants and well planted intentions.  All you need is a problem and a desire to overcome it in a balanced and enlightened way.  I added balanced and enlightened so you know that it’s important to make positive magic, every time.   Please resist being a greedy, revengeful, or jealous when blazing the path to your future.  Ok, lecture and cautionary comments have been delivered.


The beauty of getting back to basics the hoo doo way is that it’s so straightforward, and well, basic.  The most complicate player in hoo doo magic is you and the more you allow yourself to drill down to the very root of your problem the easier it is to understand.  We are much better at solving our problems when we understand them.


Jacki and I like to play the why game when figuring out what candle to use to help us with a particular problem.  We played this game when we were kids to see how far our parent’s knowledge could go on a subject.  Every answer they gave us was met with, why?  It was pretty fun and we never knew where we’d end up.  This little game was the inspiration for the method we teach people for learning the root cause of their problem.  When you solve for that, your magic seems miraculous.


So before you decide the direction of your magic, play the game and find out what the real problem is.  Then it’s safe to pick your Hoo Doo Candle because you know exactly what you’re solving for.  I’ll give you a for instance.  My husband and I wanted to buy a house, but our debt to income ratio was quite out of balance.  I seriously doubted a bank would write a mortgage for us, but my husband said let’s try anyway.  The process was torture and I wanted to give up, so I played the why game.  My questions led me to the truth that I was afraid to make such a gigantic financial commitment; not just the mortgage, but potential home repairs intimidated me.  I have high standards and I know I wouldn’t want to live a minute without good plumbing and a working furnace or AC.  So calling more money to me or making the purchase of our house easier would have been met with more resistance on my part. The blocks I was dealing with were not financial at all, they were emotional.  Once I got on board with my reality and faced my fears, the Road Opener Hoo Doo candle could part my stormy seas so our mortgage could get approved, and the offer on the house we chose could be accepted.  OVERNIGHT.


I invite you to play the why game the next time you are stumped and can’t figure out what to do.  Keep asking why is it?, and why do I feel that way?, and follow the trail of answers.  It will lead you to the place where you the magic can help you make real and lasting changes.   Then choose Hoo Doo candles to help you break up the root blocks to your goals.  If you do your magic this way you’ll have less self sabotage to overcome and better results.


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