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Feel a Little Stuck? Motor City Hoodoo Van Van Can Give You a Reset

hdc vanWhew! Half the year is gone! The first six months of the year has brought successes, challenges, and changes. Now it’s summer (in the Northern Hemisphere). The barbeque grill has been used for awhile now, at least it has in my house! So what do you want the rest of the year to bring you? Are you feeling stuck? Do you feel like you have entered into a routine that you can’t seem to break? Are you waiting for a change to come? Are you ready for Mercury Retrograde? Motor City HooDoo VanVan candle is what you need.

Sometimes we need a reset. Personally, this July will be a very reflective time for me. Mercury Retrograde will give me a great opportunity to look at what has happened so far this year--review, relate, reset. Motor City HooDoo VanVan candle is a great way to negate the potential negative effects when Mercury goes retrograde. When Mercury goes retrograde, my communication abilities go right down the toilet. I am secretly hoping that this blog will make sense!

Funny story: I used to work at Coventry Creations’ retail store, Candle Wick Shoppe. I was having a helluva time trying to communicate in a concise way. It seems that everything I said came out abrasive, terse, and harsh--which isn’t a huge part of my personality. Finally someone said, “Mercury is in retrograde!’ I grabbed a Vanvan candle from the shelf, removed the wrapping and burned it in one of our candle holders. Within 30 minutes, I could feel a calmness come over me. Suddenly my words were fell out of my mouth with such fluidity that I felt like I was back on track! The VanVan candle reversed the negative effects of Mercury being in retrograde!

Motor City HooDoo VanVan candle can be used anytime you feel like you need a reset or a good clearing away of old energies, and especially during Mercury Retrograde!

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