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15% off Witch's Brew Candles and Oils restocking sets and mixed cases and votives

WS Feature15% off Witch’s Brew products in the month of April.

For the first time ever, Coventry Creations is putting Witch’s Brew boxed votives on sale along with the pillars and oils. Remember oils are sold individually now. Also, we are selling the boxed votives individually too.

The traditional re-stocking set is 3 of each type. Our mixed case is 12 pillars or oils, your choice. Let us know in the comments section what you want.

15% off Witch’s Brew candles and oils Restocking Sets and Mixed Cases

Dragon’s Blood, Evil Eye, Original Witch’s Brew, Witch’s Purse

Candle Restocking set - 12 Witch’s Brew pillar candles, 3 each

Reg. price $117.00, sale price $99.50

Oil Restocking set - 12 Witch’s Brew oils, 3 each

Reg. price $48.00, sale price $40.50

Candle Mixed case of 12 Witch’s Brew pillar candles, your choice

Reg. price $117.00, sale price $99.50

Oil Mixed case of 12 Witch’s Brew oils, your choice

Reg. price $48.00,sale price $40.50

Box of 24 Witch’s Brew votives, reg. price $30.00, sale price $25.50

Sale price is per box, any choice, any quantity

Join our Witches union and stock up on all Witches Union swag. This month we are featuring the Magical Adept patch. This patch is a little bigger than the rest of our patches, a full 2.75” diameter. Wearers of this patch place them square in the middle of a community who will be, true to themselves, be a champion of magical living, use magic to better their life and the lives of others, maintain a badass, superhero stance as often as possible, be the keeper of the sacred lyrics of Stevie Nicks, acknowledge other Witches Union members, watch every witchy movie available.

Read all our articles and blogs about being a Coventry Creations magic maker. Be sure to order your Spell Caster Club membership kit. It comes with spell cards, membership cards and a 2 pocket display. We will send you a new spell card every month. It’s fun and engaging.

Witches Union Magical Adept patch $3.50 each

All other Witches Union patches $3.00 each

For more news about this month’s special and upcoming specials visit our wholesale website here.

A Spell to awaken your gifts
Full Moon in Libra March 31, 2018

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